I have decided to give up being single for lent.

Last night I re-entered the savage dating arena with an Italian man of great social stature. His actual stature left much to be desired.

I didn’t always bat for the same team. I just can’t stomach girls these days, it happened all of a sudden.

Something flipped a few months ago while trying to navigate through a swarm of trainee beauticians. It was the way they trotted along, holding a huge coffee with an extended arm, a tiny bag nestled in the fold of the other elbow, a french manicured hand facing palm up to the sky. I blame Paris Hilton, she holds herself like she has some mild form of tetanus.

My date’s main topic of conversation last night was his ex. After telling me about their favourite foods, plans for children and bedroom antics  he finally caught on to the fact that the conversation was a bit inappropriate.

“I’m sorry” he said

“… tell me about your ex!”


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