So……it looks like my sex tape has gone viral.

I’m quite surprised really. When you’re in semi-private club booth,  letting your hair down with half a dozen perfectly toned friends, the last thing you expect is for it to end up on the internet.

I can’t say I’m too bothered about it, some of the comments were really quite flattering.

In answer to your question Tony (nice profile pic by the way!) , yes I do always make that sound. Emily…..that’s the result of endless hours on the elliptical trainer. I never said it was easy to look this hot.

As ever, I have no regrets about my sexcapades, it was a bit of an ice breaker for me.  I had gone off sex since Lemon and I split. I was starting to think she might have been right when she threw the flat keys at me and hissed “You will never have it so good”

A few rounds of ‘Flip, sip or strip’ in the The Box proved her wrong there. You should try it, all you need is a coin and several bottles of spirits.

Right, I think there’s just about time to squeeze in an episode of Poirot before bed time.

Nighty night.


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