Life’s glow stick

Frodo Baggins, we now have something else in common other than the haircut on my last passport photograph.

I too know how it feels to embark on an epic adventure with a fellowship of brave and gallant friends. Thankfully mine are taller and better looking.

Our saga started not in The Shire, but in North London. It ended on my sofa some 40 hours later.

We’ve been known in the past to burn the candle at both ends. This time we doused it in petrol and used it as a glow stick. Oh how we shined.

The partying was relentless.
At times some of us regretted starting this wonderful, exhausting journey. Some parts I remember clearly, some parts come back in flashes. When they do, they put a smile on my face.

As the credits finally rolled on our weekend, and on the episode of Doctor Who that we’d watched, comatose on the sofa…..I realised that this band of men had stood together.
We stood together through the good times, and we helped each other sweep up the aftermath of our excess. We made sure that in the end, all of us were left standing.

A bond was cemented last weekend. I know now that even though my family are far away, I will always have friends here who will look out for each other through thick and thin. That’s a family too is it not?

Until next time.