The Wandering Hands

Yo mammals, Harrison Chase here.

I promised you I’d get through this backlog of dating stories, but I’ve barely started.

Right, how should I pick this up. Maybe with Bobby, Bobby from Detroit Michigan back in July.
Bobby had a face that could be from a Brylcream advert, teeth that could be from a Colgate advert and conversation that could be from a Sensodyne advert, AKA……boring as fuck.
One of my new favourite expressions is “read the room!”, Bobby wasn’t very good at it.
I thought it would have been perfectly obvious that I couldn’t have been less interested, but barely half an hour into the date I felt something on my leg. It was his foot, and it didn’t seem to be an accidental brush.
Next came the wandering hand on the knee, and then the other hand. Bobby had gone from boring and flirty into full on Benny Hill mode. I had to get up and move my bar stool as far away from the table as possible.
What gets me about this is that the guy was 12 years younger than me. Surely if anyone should have been the creep in this scenario it should have been me!

Alright, that’s all for now. Coming soon, Harrison’s Adventures with the Hogwarts Headmaster.
Harrison, over and out