Harrison Chase and the Rollercoaster of Doom

Yo. Harrison Chase here,
How are you doing?

It’s a crisp winter day and I’m sat in my study getting an eyeful of golden leaves through the window.

I love cold weather. I love the crisp air and the opportunity to wear my glow in the dark skeleton gloves. I also like being able to pile so many blankets on my bed that they almost crush me.

One disadvantage is the winter wardrobe. I think winter knitwear is quite ageing and seems to go from a school uniform / preppy look to middle-aged with nothing in-between. I’m 26 now. I have been for a great many years and I want that continue.

So are you wondering what’s going on with my love life? That’s my usual topic isn’t it, not cardigans.

Well it has been a bit of a rollercoaster weekend on that front, an Alton Towers Smiler kind of rollercoaster.

Do you remember this?

Well unfortunately something similar happened on Friday night.

We were having a romantic dinner at mine. The conversation revealed something minor about each other that neither of us liked.

It was no deal breaker, but we both could have handled it better. It simmered under the surface for an hour or two, cooled off…..and then unexpectedly went totally nuclear.

As he stormed out of my flat shouting “I can’t believe this is happening” I just thought “No, neither can I”. I haven’t heard from him since.

Oh well. As the French say “Ca la vie”, or as I say…… “Fuck it”